Saturday, June 13, 2009

~~Small Talk Six Saturday 6/13~~

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The ladies of Momdot are at it again with a new weekly meme called Small Talk Six. Every Saturday a new topic is announced and you respond to each topic with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 photos, or 6 paragraphs, whatever your heart desires. You can check out the Small Talk Six announcement to see all of the pre-scheduled topics for 2009. Don’t forget to stop by and see this weeks responses at MomDot and link up your own.

This week is 6 things you’ve made during your lifetime that you were proud of.

WOW this is a hard one for me. I try not to be boastful or "toot my own horn" so these may be kind of stupid, but here we go.

1. I have made some very pretty blessing & wedding dresses and blessing tuxs. I used to make patterns for a girls clothing company and I always made a similar one for myself so I have quite a collection. Once my mom even bought me some fabric labels that she had specially made for me that say "Made Especially for You, by Trina Lynn" that I put in some of them.

2. I have made my husband and all my kids a crocheted blanket. I actually did them when I was learning so they are not as perfectly spaced and made as the ones I do now, but they mean the most to me because my family loved them, imperfections and all.

3. I, along with some friends, made a LOT of blankets a few years back and donated them to the burn unit and the NICU at Primary Children's Hospital. Again they were not all perfect, but the feeling it gave us when we took them up there was unexplainable. Then a few years later when Zariah was in the NICU before she passed away I saw how appreciated and needed things like that are and it made me want to do it all again.

4. I made a broken down old house into a home. I had a ton of help from Jeff (OK maybe he did all the hard labor), but by the time we sold it we had fixed it up pretty nice.

5. I made scrapbooks for all my kids and one for friends and family. I have made some pretty awesome scrapbook pages. Hopefully as the years pass by I will learn to make more of them even better than I can now.

6. I made a book of my granddaughter Zariah's short life and had it published and hardback bound. It went through the pregnancy and to her death. Talked about her cancer, surgeries and everything in between. It is something we will always treasure and use to remember her by.

This was really a hard one for me, but I would love to hear what other people have made that they are proud of.

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