Friday, July 3, 2009

~~Body Systems Review~~

So you should all know by now that I am completely lazy and do things the easy way. Now having said that I don't feel so bad saying that the only thing I have used to clean my skin in the last 30 years besides soap and water is alcohol. Yep, plain old rubbing alcohol. Problem now is that my skin is getting older, wrinklier and just tired looking. So when the people at Body Systems offered to let me review their product I jumped at the chance. They sent me the Olive Nut Body Butter and from the first time I used it I was hooked. It is not greasy at all and it really makes my skin softer. The only downfall for me is the smell. Not that it smells bad, but I prefer the fruity smells and this barely has any smell at all, which may be great for a lot of you.

This is what the Body Systems site has to say about their products:
"Body Systems Company is passionate about providing only natural products made fresh for each order from the highest quality ingredients. It is our simple belief that relaxing and beneficial spa products can be combined to create a balance between body and soul. When the outside is nourished, the soul can be balanced and nourished as well.
Body Systems' products do not contain any ingredients which commonly cause allergies or reactions to sensitive skin. As with use with any product, those with skin conditions or reactions should always check with their Dermatologist prior to use. We do not provide any medical advice or claims but do guarantee that all ingredients are disclosed and explained for all products sold."

Here is the information on the Body Systems site about the Olive Nut Body Butter:
"Extracted from cold pressing olives, this soothing butter has natural fatty acids that replenish skin with a protective layer of moisture. It is creamy and full of natural vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants-all healing elements for the skin.
Olive butter possesses all of the natural qualities of olive oil and is similar in feel to shea butter. It has excellent spreadability and can be used as a massage butter."

The cost of the Body Systems products is very reasonable and they really have a broad spectrum of products to use. So go on over and check them out. I know I have found dozens of other things that will be great for me and will be over there often!!

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