Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~~Butt Dialing Opinion Needed~~

My son in law has a really bad habit of butt dialing me. He swears he locks his keys, but somehow he calls me several times a week without knowing it. And me, being the kind and thoughtful person I am, cannot help but listen to whatever is being said. I have heard about plans I had no business knowing about, things in my daughter's life that I also have no business knowing about and things I wish I wouldn't have heard.

I know~~ I am horrible, but I can't stop myself. It is like a train wreck and I can't turn away (or hang up in this case). I know I should. I would hate it if people listened to my personal conversations that I didn't know about, but I have no control. So I listen and laugh and swear I will never do it again........but I do.

What do you think internet? If he keeps calling me do I have the right to keep listening? What do you do that you know you shouldn't do?


Vickie said...

Oh yeah...I would TOTALLY listen! I would feel the way you do about it, but I would listen anyway! LOL

Anonymous said...

I would whistle really loudly, and if that didn't do the trick, well, I really would hang up. I couldn't live with the guilt. Besides, it makes me really made when they can't hear me on the other end!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Guilt has a horrible way of annoying me. I'd probably just hang up. ;-)

Stopped in from SITS!

thatgirlblogs said...

of course! as long as you've told him his butt is calling you, and you have, it's fair game.

La Belle Mere UK said...

EVERYONE listens. The only time I would hang up is if there wasn't much happening the other end and I got bored.

Also, I LOVE when someone does that and it goes through to voicemail and they leave like 5 minute long messages of just background noise and random conversation. I can't delete the message to I've listened to it all!!

Nosy? Moi?!

Sarah said...

I think that is so funny! I would listen too!

Mommy Bear said...

I would totally listen and then tell him later on that I did. I would give an innocent look and say "Well you shouldn't have butt dialed me!"