Thursday, July 2, 2009

~~High Chair Food Catcher review~~

Does your floor look like a war zone after dinner? Does your baby or toddler think it is more fun to fling his vegetables to the floor than to eat them? Yep~ ours too!!
But the great people over at Wupzey, makers of the One & Only Highchair Food Catcher, sent me one of their awesome products. I got this maroon one:

It comes with Velcro fasteners to easily attach it to the highchair, which also makes it detachable for washing and for when the highchair is put away.

Guess what???? It freaking works!!!!! We got it all hooked up and put Zeke and his endless cookie mess in the highchair. He chewed on his cookie for a minute and promptly dropped it, ready for another one. Honestly I can't wait until he is eating in his highchair all the time because he loves to feed himself and this will make the clean up so easy!! No more stressing about what he throws for the dogs to eat, since they are on a diet and all.

Here is some photos of other highchair covers and bibs that they also carry:

Here is what the Wupzey site has to say about their product:
"After months of cleaning the floor whenever her daughter ate in the high chair, California Mom Johanna Romaniuk had an idea to change the mealtime experience for moms & babies worldwide.

At 5 months, Johanna's daughter preferred to eat by herself, leaving a mess on the floor after each meal. Looking for solutions, Johanna tried the large, bulky floor mats that still needed sweeping. Fold, clean, unfold - the mat turned out to be more work than just letting the food fall directly onto the floor!

Out of necessity, Johanna created the high chair food catcher which is lightweight, compact and durable. She made it easy to attach, detach, clean and able store on the highchair. She also made it to be strong enough to catch "sippy cups," toys and utensils. And, of course, it is completely machine washable."

So if you are looking for a way to keep your floor clean, your dogs healthy, or your shoes from growing things on the bottom of them, go over to Wupzey and get you one, you will love it!!

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