Friday, July 3, 2009

~~Guardian Angel Bracelet ID Review~~

The great people at BooJee Beads sent me a package of their Guardian Angel Bracelet ID's. I had never heard of or seen these before, but they are a really great idea. They are small bracelets that come with a marker so you can write the name of your child and who to call if they become seperated from you when you are out somewhere.
They are waterproof and durable. You have to cut them off to remove them.

Some facts for you to consider:
**Over 2000 kids get lost every day
**75% of all children murdered in an abduction are killed within 3 hours

Scarey to think about isn't it? Keeping track of kids in a crowded pubic place can be a challenge. These kid approved, durable waterproof bracelets enable a speedy recovery in the even of a seperation~ just like a guardian angel working to keep your child safe. Simply write your cell phone number or the childs caregivers number on the waterproof bracelet and snap it securely on the childs wrist. Just teach your kids that if they get seperated from you they should approach the first mommy that has kids with her or a police officer and ask them to call the number on their bracelet. Easy as that you are reunited with your child.

Sorry about the picture quality, but we all know I suck as a photographer. Just trust me, these are great!! Go on over to and check them out!!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think they would be great for the forgetful elderly person