Friday, July 3, 2009

~~Classy Nail Files Review~~

My nails have always been a huge issue for me. I bit my nails until I was 22 years old, sometimes to the point that they would bleed. Then one day I decided I wanted long pretty nails like all my friends and quit biting them. But to my dismay, they are thin, brittle and grow uneven and ugly. So I started having acrylic nails put on and did that for years. Now with all that is going on in my life, I have less time than ever so more often than not they get neglected. It would be nice to have a great file that I could carry with me and use when I have a rough edge or something because otherwise I will pick at the rough spot until I tear my whole nail off. So when Lin at Classy Nail Files offered to send me one of her crystal nail files I jumped at the chance.

Here is some information about the files from their site:
"The filing surface is etched into the crystal and is guaranteed to never wear out. To clean it off you just run it under water. They last forever and are better for your nails than emery boards or meal files and are also safe for baby nails so no more cutting baby nails and cutting their fingers.
They are tempered and hardened to be 74% stronger than normal glass and they are "green" and won't fill up the landfill.
They come in three sizes, Small 3 1/2 inch, Medium 5 1/2 inch and Large 7 inch which can even be used for pedicures on dry, cracked, calloused feet and bunions.
Our robust lineup features a full line of hand painted and colored crystal glass nail files in perfect sizes for portability or professional use.
Crystal glass nail files are an environmental and innovative coup that garnered the coveted "Prix de L'Innovation H. Pierantoni" in 1999. The dense etching in the highly-tempered glass is very smooth for a delicate finish yet durable for lifetime use. The files are laminate and contaminate free, and offer superior hygiene because they can be easily sterilized and offer no porous surface for absorption of germs. Once a customer has used a Classy Nail File, no other nail file will do."

Take a look at some of their designs.

Go on over the Classy Nail Files and look around. They have a ton more designs and lots more information that you seriously need to check out!!

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