Friday, July 10, 2009

~~Just Ask Baby Online Review~~

Your baby is crying so hard his lips are turning blue. His diaper is dry, his tummy is full, he has been burped and nothing you can do will calm him down. Out of ideas and ready to pull your hair out? Head on over to Just Ask Baby and see if there is something there that gives you a new idea!

Just Ask Baby is a new, exciting online video membership service, giving parents a unique baby’s perspective on how to effectively nurture their infant’s full developmental potential and more insight into their infant’s development and how that affects the person they will become.

There are five channels in total, each focusing on one aspect of your child's world-"I See" --"I Feel"--"I Say" -- "I Think" and "I Do". All "hosted" by Joey with his guests.

I Feel: Get In Touch With Your Baby's Feelings: Have you ever wondered what’s making your baby upset when nothing you do stops them from crying? Or why it’s so hard to understand what children want when they are tiny infants? And how do you identify the right tools for good parenting to suit your child’s unique development needs?

I See: Get Your Baby's Eye View of Life: Ever wanted to look at the world through your baby's eyes? Or wondered how colors appear to them or when they will start to recognize your face? Just Ask Baby gives you a baby's eye view of life as they grow, and provides science-based parenting tools designed to help you help your baby develop into a secure, confident and happy child.

I Say: Tune in to your Baby's Babble: One of your baby's first instincts is to try and communicate with you. Just Ask Baby lets you into a few parental secrets to understanding what your infant is trying to say by taking you inside your child's world. The "I Say" channel contains dozens of information-packed and engaging videos, the content of which is entirely based on scientific research into child development.

I Think: Discover What’s On Your Baby’s Mind: Do you ever wonder what's going on in your baby's mind when they bat at a mobile over and over again? Or why your baby's mouth is one of their favorite ways to explore the world? And does your child recognize you personally, or just the smell of your milk?

I Do: Learn How Actions Speak Louder Than Words: It's a pretty special day when your baby realizes that they can control their hands and it just gets better from there. But how do you know when your baby is ready to crawl, stand and walk? And what's the best way to help them discover their body and all the amazing things it can do.

On each channel you can opt to watch the whole thing or just go to the section that is applicable to your baby at the time in his development. There is so much information on the Just Ask Baby site that it will take weeks to get through it all, but everything I have looked at is usable, reliable information that you can use to discover how to help your baby reach critical milestones for healthy development

Information from the just ask baby site:
"Discover your child’s world - Tune into The Just Ask Baby Show with 9 month-old host ‘Joey’! Just Ask Baby, the world's first broadcast quality online, on-demand TV channel for parents delivers something every parent wants – the ability to get inside the heads of their children. In the style of late-night TV, The Just Ask Baby Show’s real life 9-month-old talk show host Joey’s dry humor, wit and clever insight make this show truly unique! As Joey, the show’s dominant presence chats with his adorable baby friends, they tell the story of how babies grow and develop in the first year of life - completely from a baby’s perspective. Each episode provides brilliant insight into the minds of babies as their every thought is spoken out loud. Fun and engaging, Joey and the rest of the baby cast deliver first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be a baby, right down to what they’re thinking and seeing to how they’re feeling and what they’re doing. Joey and friends impart an unadulterated baby’s-eye-view of life with tips on how to help nurture and support their healthy development."
I seriously think this is a great site with very useful information. I am sure that there is something on there for everyone and since everyone can always use a little more information when it comes to babies, it will be well worth your time to go over and check them out!!