Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~~Toni Tierney Review and Giveaway~~

Have you ever heard of Toni Tierney clothing line? I hadn't either, but I sure am glad I found it!!! It has been a well kept secret that everyone needs to know about! Click here and go check out her site.

Toni has designed some super awesome clothing for infants and toddlers. Want to check out some of my favorites for little princesses?? Here ya go:

How about the awesomeness for the little men? Yep here are some more:

Are these not the cutest little outfits ever?

Toni was nice enough to send me one for Zeke and I can tell you from seeing them in person, the quality is great, the graphics awesome and the colors bright and vibrant.
The ONLY problem I had is that Zeke is a huge kid (95th percentile) and didn't fit into the cute set she sent for him. Take a look at it:

Which means that one of my readers has really lucked out! It is a 6-9 month size (a normal 6-9) and I am offering it to one lucky person who leaves a comment telling me why they would like it.
It really is a super cute set and I am sad that it didn't fit my little man, but one of you is going to be extremely happy. So leave me a comment, make it a comical one, a story, something serious or whatever you feel like, just make me smile and the one who does is the winner. Make me laugh out loud and I will throw in a bonus!
So think of something great and while you are thinking go over to the Toni Tierney site and check out her great designs!!


Alicia said...

how cute!! i would love that outfit for my friends baby shower because i currently have at least 8 friends (no joke) pregnant! i'm going to need to take out a small loan just for baby shower gifts!!!

Krystyn said...

Super cute...I have a friend having triplet boys....anything can help her out!

hallie said...

My baby girl is also a biggin! She has been off the growth chart from the start! My best gal is preggo w/ a boy!

Heres one for ya... My little one was in her bouncer the other day while I was putting away groceries. I look in on her and I see there is a poop like substance under her. I thought, oh no! the dog was dragging turds out of the litter box and she is bouncing in them! BUT upon closer inspection she had pooed herself and was bouncing it out of the side of her diaper and onto the floor. Then proceeding to stomp all over it!! Needless to say, I lost a living room area rug to that day! That a story I can embarrass her with at a later date!

Heather said...

How adorable...I'd love it for my baby boy due next month!

How cute!