Monday, July 20, 2009

~~I Have a Friend (or I did for a minute)~~

I have a friend. One that is not related to me by blood or marriage. One that is not forced to be my friend because their spouse is my husband's friend. One that is not a mom of one of my kids friends. One that I do not work with so they feel obligated to be my friend. One that is not being my friend just so I will buy something from them or do something for them....... Yep, just a friend.

It has been so long since I had a real life friend to do things with I am not sure how to react. I guess I just quit making time for everyone but my kids and didn't realize that I was friendless and lonely until lately. Well, as lonely as you can be with 11 people and a zoo full of animals that you live with. And no we are not interested in doing a reality show so Discovery Channel people put the camera away and get back in your truck!!

BUT, alas I may have ruined it already.

See Saturday we decided to go to some yard sales and then hit the mall for some new jeans and school clothes for the kids. So I played with the baby for a few minutes and set out to pick her up. All went well, we found some really awesome deals at the yard sales and I actually found some jeans that I like. I even got a ton of school clothes for Amber & Libby.

The morning had gone very well up to then and so we decided to get some lunch and see a movie. Now please realize that up until this point we had either been in the car with the windows down or in open spaces (you will need to know this to get the clear picture of my horror. It also had been less than 2-1/2 hours, but felt like an eternity being away from home without kids)
But I digress.

We decided to check out a new burger place where you can eat outside (thus another open space), but we had to eat quick to make it to the movie on time. Fast forward to about 20 minutes before the movie. We were waiting in line and my new friend asked me if I could smell something weird. I really couldn't so she didn't say anything else...... for about 10 minutes. Then the kids beside us started talking about the horrible smell. They started checking their shoes to see who had "stepped" in it. I looked at mine and realized that I only had some mustard on the bottom of my pants, nothing that would be smelly.

Oh wait, I didn't use mustard, but it looked like mustard.... only a little bit off colored- kind of like baby shit yellow. Why? Because it was baby shit! Baby shit that could not have come out of sweet baby because the stench was like something from the Eternal Bog of Stench!

If you saw some crazy lady in the bathroom at Harry Potter washing her pants in the sink ~~ yep that would have been me!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have very few friends but I cling to the ones we have.

Christina said...

ROFL... good friends don't judge. And I'm not going to judge you for washing your pants in the sink. I'd stand guard at the door if I was there though. :-)