Thursday, July 2, 2009

~~Three Lollies- Fight Nausea for Breast Cancer Awareness Month review

Sick to your stomach with the flu? Pregnant with morning sickness- or in my daughters case 24/9month sickness? Going through medical treatments that make you feel sick? Check out THIS site.

There is nothing I hate more than throwing up, in fact you can file this under TMI, but I would rather swallow it than let it come out my mouth and nose because it always makes the nose its destination and that is totally gross. I told you --TMI!


Three lollies have several options to keep you from throwing up. They have preggy pops and drops & Queasy drops and pops.

**Conceived by healthcare professionals.
**Drug free and healthcare provider recommended.
**All natural and delicious.
I was sent some queasy drops and I was wondering how I was going to try them out because unless there is some type of miracle I am not going to be having morning sickness and I rarely get sick.... You know it, I jinxed myself!!

I threw up so hard last week that I thought my toenails were coming out--I know, I know more TMI!! But in the middle of hugging the porcelain throne, a thought popped into my head~~{Hey stupid, you have packages of product that will help this} and I ran to get them. This is what I had:

And they really, really work. It actually took two little pieces and my stomach quit churning and I was able to get some rest. Lawrdy how I wish I had these when I was going through cancer treatments or for when Jacki spent all 18 months of her pregnancies puking every 10 minutes. They tasted OK, they may taste great, but when my stomach feels like that NOTHING tastes great.

From the Three Lollies site:
"Queasy Drops are the all natural way to ease a queasy stomach! We have formulated a great tasting drop using the essential oils from delicious, all natural sources. Queasy Drops act via aromatherapy and taste receptors to inhibit negative taste sensations and calm the tummy. Queasy Drops can also alleviate dry mouth, provide quick calories and are soothing and comforting. Our many satisfied customers include not only those who have used our product with success for motion sickness on boats, planes and autos, but also for a variety of other queasy causes. Flavors include: ginger, green tea with lemon and sour raspberry. Queasy Drops have everything you have come to expect from all our products."

So my opinion is that if you feel sick, or you just found out that you are pregnant- run out and buy some. Don't walk... seriously.... run!! you will be glad you did!!


Alicia said...

i'm so getting these for my friend! she's in her first trimester and can't hold down a thing!

Mike said...

Anyone with breast cancer or interested in preventing this condition should know about the data on vitamin D. The data on vitamin D deficiency leading to cancer is as strong as the evidence that smoking causes cancer. The Canadian Cancer society started recommending that everyone take vitamin D to prevent cancer over two years ago but still very few outside Canada know this. There is also very good data suggesting that breast cancer patients do much better when their vitamin D levels are optimal. is a good resource for more information and has recently launched a new preparation of vitamin D in a micro-pill formulation. The pills have been formulated with cellulose which absorbs water very quickly. This ensures that the pill breaks up very quickly to provide for maximum absorption. The micro pill is tiny and tasteless. Many vitamin D pills on the market have very poor dissolution properties resulting in poor absorption.
The site also offers to supply customers with a free supply of 400IU for their children and it also has a good newsletter.

Anonymous said...

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