Thursday, July 30, 2009

~~The Wicked Witch of the Gorge~~

I was on another bloggers site today and to enter a contest for a video camera I had to tell her a story of something I wish I would have had on tape. It got me thinking and I decided I would share it with you also. It makes fun of me, but since I have no problem ribbing other people, I guess I should dish on myself once in a while too.

Several years ago we were at Flaming Gorge in Utah camping with most of my family and decided to get a couple of rafts and take a trip down the river.
It was a beautiful sunny day with no bad weather in sight~~ until we got half way down the river. At the half way point there is a little beach and a restroom and the wind had picked up a little so we decided to stop and take a break.
Of course, kids being kids, they all had to run right up to the bathroom so I was left alone on the beach with two rafts. All of a sudden a GIGANTIC burst of wind came down the canyon and picked up one of the rafts. (Now keep in mind I am a chubby, short, and not so athletic person)
I didn't want to lose the raft and have to either cram all of us in one for the remainder of the river trip or swim my ass back to camp, so I dove for it, catching it by wrapping my arms around one side and they BARELY reached around so I had to hold it with everything I had.
BUT, the wind was stronger than I was heavy because it picked up the raft with me attached to it and FLEW me to the other side of the beach. It dropped us both with a thud and for a minute I thought I had broken my back, but then I started laughing and couldn't quit because I was imagining what the whole thing had looked like with me "flying" my raft.
I laughed so hard I started "snorting and cackling" (or so my kids describe it, not so sure I agree with that, but for now I will let it be).
After that they all called me the Wicked Witch of the Gorge for the rest of the trip. They also all swear we could win on America's Funniest Videos if we had gotten it on tape.

So my internet peoples, what is something you have done that would be great to have on film for blackmail later???


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I can't choose one! My life is always climatic. There's never a dull moment!!

I'm glad that you didn't end up in Kansas!!

The Rambler said...

Wow. THAT would have been a winner video for sure! :)

Stopping by to say hi to some of the SITS girls :)

The Redhead Riter said...

for you...